World Class Precision Machining


Our ability to manufacture prototypes of complex part profiles is not unique.  However, what truly sets Master Automatic apart from its competition is the ability to carry the design to an active, consistent production environment.  Each year, significant capital expenditures are devoted to supporting our production staff with the most efficient equipment possible.

Additionally, we have a unique capacity to design and build complete production workcells including rotary transfer machines, automated assembly, and testing equipment.  These investments in quality are then protected by a rigid, facility-wide, preventive maintenance program.

Business Measurables

Master Automatic monitors certain key business measurables and indicators in order to meet the expectations of our employees and customers and also satisfy the financial goals of the company.


To combine resources in a team-oriented effort to maximize customer satisfaction.  Our ongoing commitment is to continuously make improvements to enhance our status as a world-class manufacturer of quality precision machined components.